Shopee Loyalty Program: Earn Rewards on Health and Wellness

Shopee Loyalty Program: Earn Rewards on Health and Wellness

Make sure your health goals are on track with discounted products, herbal remedies and cosmetic items. Get a more natural approach to wellness and well-being with affordable natural remedies and herbal supplements from name companies.

Danone, the leading multinational company in local food and drink is hosting a Regional Brand Day on Shopee Mall with exclusive gifts upon the purchase. The event will showcase their wide range of items, including the early-life nutrition Aptakid, beverages Evian and Alpro and plant-based foods.

Health Supplements Discounts

If you’re in search of foods that increase energy levels or a probiotic for better digestion, Shopee has your wellness requirements covered. It offers a broad range of nutritious options, including snacks high in protein as well as gluten-free and low-carb options.

Reduce even more costs on items you require to stay healthy and happy by signing up for Auto Delivery. It lets you make arrangements for deliveries of your preferred nutritional supplements, and also keeps you updated on upcoming sale events. It is also possible to enroll in the loyalty program to earn more rewards and discounts. It is possible to earn points by shopping, or by telling friends about it. The points you earn can be exchanged as cash back or for free products. Some programs may require an amount of purchase minimum. Review the Terms and Conditions for further details.

Shopee Wellness Product Vouchers

With a wide range of products from leading brands customers can quickly find what they need at Shopee. From fashionable women’s purses by Carlo Rino to skincare from Laneige and Kose to gift sets by Pandora and Tommy Hilfiger, there’s deals to suit any taste and budget.

Buyers can also take advantage of vouchers on Reckitt’s trusted brands like EnfagrowPlus Four, Lactum 3+ Six, Sustagen and Provital adult milks, Lysol, Veet and Mortein. You can also earn as much as 1.5x more points for membership to the brand and earn 8% for cashback when purchasing on the site.

Vouchers can be displayed on all pages or hidden in the event you select Don’t show. This is useful if you’re trying to attract new buyers or wanting to encourage repeat purchases like for an app game voucher.

Savings on Health and Fitness Gear

With 84 percent of seniors buying a wider selection of products online as they did one year ago, it’s no surprise that seniors who are digitally savvy are embracing the convenience of complete e-commerce. Also, they’re increasingly seeking ways to remain engaged on the internet and play games on mobile with vouchers to get discounts on health and fitness gear.

Danone is a renowned multinational food and beverage business building on health-focused categories, gives families the opportunity to kick off their health journey by utilizing its vast product range through an e-voucher campaign on Shopee. Families can choose from their most popular health and wellness products like Aptakid, Evian and Alpro, among others.

This offer runs from August 23 until September 23rd, 2022. To take advantage of this offer, simply add your desired items to your cart and check out the items on Shopee.

Affordable Vitamins and Supplements

A popular product category in the Health and Wellness department, supplements and vitamins are a popular choice for Shopee shoppers seeking to avail of their advantages. This includes those who are in search of meal replacements, as well as additional supplements that help with losing weight as well as immune system protection, muscle building, focus and more.

One of the top life insurers, Pru Life UK, offers inexpensive health products for Shopee with the help of electronic vouchers that can be used through Pulse, Pru Life’s financial and health mobile app. It makes it much easier for Filipino families to benefit from these items. To maximize the benefits of this partnership, it’s vital for businesses to maximize their online listing of products and include clear and accurate description of the product as well as photographs of top quality.

Personal Care Deals

Health and beauty products make a huge appeal to buyers on Shopee. Sellers are able to appeal to this audience by offering products that are both safe as well as reliable. In addition, they should be sure that their logistical as well as fulfillment process are both efficient and reliable so that customers are pleased.

In addition, older customers are more and more embracing e-commerce, to get better prices and ease of use. 34% of respondents who are over 34 say that they use product reviews when making purchasing decisions.

The Reckitt’s Super Brand Day on September 26 and 27 offers coupons and other gifts from their trusted brands which include Aptakid’s nutritional products for children, Lactum 3+ Four and Sustagen adult milks, Veet and Durex hygiene products and Mortein insect repellent. To receive the best price, sign up for their Brand Membership and benefit from 1.5x points for each purchase, as well as a virtual membership voucher shopee card, a unique gift with every purchase, and frequent update.






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